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Local Services

Traditional Local Funeral Service with Vigil

In this traditional funeral service, the family has the opportunity to prepare a farewell full of details and fond memories of your loved one. Friends and family offer their respects to the person who has left before them on the path towards heaven, and the next day the burial takes place in the cemetery of your choice.

Traditional One-Day Funeral Service

This type of service allows the family to perform a short vigil of one or two hours, during which they can share memories of their loved one. Afterwards, they depart for the cemetery of your choice.

Immediate Burial

Our services include immediate burial, without any rites or ceremonies, at the funeral home, graveside or elsewhere. Include the removal of remains, transportation to the cemetery and necessary services of staff. Bathing or dressing of loved one is not included. Refer to the General Price List for more details on this type of service.

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