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Dana Lynn Plettner

In Loving Memory

9/26/1968 - 5/3/2021

Age 52


Dana Lynn Plettner was born September 26th, 1968 in Des Moines, Iowa and died May 3rd, 2021 in Oakland, California. The second of five daughters, it became abundantly clear at an early age that Dana had an innate maternal instinct as well as a profound gift to love, nourish, and protect those around her. She was a tender, courageous, and brave soul. She loved children and they loved her. She could always be counted on to mentor when assistance was needed or tutor when questions were asked.

Not only was her heart brilliant, but so was her mind as she excelled effortlessly in achieving her academic goals and creative endeavors. She graduated from the prestigious Pharmacy program at Drake University in Des Moines, and had a distinguished 23-year career. One highlight of her career occurred when Dana became Manager of a Long’s Drug Store. They were last in every performance metric out of 25 regional stores: Within 69 days, Dana had impressively turned the store around as they climbed to #1 in every metric.

Dana was also extraordinarily creative and used several mediums to express herself. As a child she shined in theater as the lead in Hansel & Gretel, played clarinet, and was self-taught on piano. As a teenager she enjoyed working with wood and sculpting clay. In high school she was both an athlete and a loyal fan. She competed on the swim team and brought delight and enthusiasm to sporting events as the school mascot. As an adult, she enjoyed sewing and various needle point projects. She also enjoyed gardening, cooking, and feeding loved ones from a variety of global cuisines. She loved to eat sushi. She loved the color green. She loved cats.

Dana was known for her generosity, kindness, and genuine willingness to help others. This trait began at home and spread abroad. When our father, a victim of PTSD, became ill while serving our nation as a Navy corpsman, Dana at the tender age of 18, drove 1,180 miles alone to bring him home and lovingly provide the care he needed. One afternoon while working as a bank teller, a blind man approached her seeking funding to attend college. He assumed a bank could give college scholarships. At the end of her shift, Dana took the young man to the Financial Aid Department at Drake University and guided him through their scholarship process. By the grace she extended, he received the financial aid necessary to attend college. The bank acknowledged her skill, work ethic, and kindness by giving her the Employee of the Year Award.

Dana, the love you gave, like the memories we share, are eternal. We will always remember you with boundless love, deep gratitude, and beauty. May the medicine of laughter heal your precious heart and splendid mind.

Dana’s Perpetual Grace

Let’s hold hands together,

Our sweet sister.

And take flight,

Over the gentle waters of

Kindness and Prayer,

Healing and Earth,

Heart and Song.

May the Sea of Mist

From our Fallen Tears,

Suspend you in Perpetual Grace.

Only then will we let go,

And watch Love

Bow her head

To your Exquisite Soul.

As you return,

To the Eternal Source

Of the Compassionate Divine.

Poem By Susie Plettner

Dana was preceded in death by her mother, Kathy Lyn Plettner and father, Earl Wayne Plettner. She is survived by her sisters Janine Plettner-Glodt, Kristin Damas, Leslie Plettner, and Susie Plettner.

Donations in Dana’s memory may be made to


Private Funeral Services

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