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Transfer Services

Direct Ship Out to Mexico

This service is characterized by a lack of vigil service. Once your loved one’s remains are in our care, we immediately begin the task of transportation to your chosen destination.


Our 25 years of experience supports us as we offer you funeral transfers to all parts of the Mexican Republic. We work alongside and have built relationships with the Mexican Consulates in the United States, and we also have cooperation agreements for the provision of repatriate and transfer funeral services with various government entities in Mexico.


Through these cooperation agreements and the assistance of the Mexican Consulates in the United States, Continental Funeral Home is committed to offering the necessary information required by the Mexican authorities in order to facilitate and streamline the repatriation process. This includes the presentation of any of the following documents that verify the Mexican nationality of the deceased:


Birth Certificate

Voter Identification

Driver’s License

Military Service Passbook


Consular Registration

Declaration of Nationality

Continental Funeral Home handles the death certificate process dealing with the United States Department of Health in the county of the deceased; furthermore we also obtain any necessary documents (and their Spanish-language translations) whose presentation is required before the relevant consular in order to obtain the visa and certification that permits the internment of the body within Mexican territory.


For further information, feel free to contact our team of funeral counselors, who will warmly and compassionately guide you step by step through the repatriation process as well as offer you more complete information regarding this type of funeral service.

Funeral Transfers Direct to Central America, South America,
and the Rest of the World

Because we know that the most difficult moments are when families most need help and support, upon the death of a loved one outside of his or her country Continental Funeral Home offers our direct transfer services to any country whose laws permit such activities.


This service does not include any religious or otherwise public service before the departure. Upon receiving the deceased into our care we immediately begin all of the necessary procedures in order to complete the transfer as soon as possible and make the waiting period less painful for friends and family in the destination country.


At Continental Funeral Home, we understand the customs and traditions of the communities we serve. For this reason, once in contact we will offer all of the necessary information regarding the different options for international funeral transfers, also known as funeral repatriations, so that families can choose the type of service via which they would like to say farewell to their loved one prior to transport to the airport.


Our history includes over 25 years of performing these sorts of services, allowing us to offer clients the invaluable experience of our funeral directors. They will put their utmost professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to your service, performing all of the tasks and making all of the arrangements necessary so that you can remain at peace while dedicating your time to being with family and friends.


We work directly with the consulates and embassies of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the rest of the world in the processing of the documents required for the funeral transfer.

Funeral Transfers from California to the Rest of the United States

Funeral transfers from California to cities throughout the United States are without a doubt necessary at times. We streamline these transfers, utilizing our experience and all of the necessary care required.


Such transfer services may feature a vigil, during which friends and family will have an opportunity to say farewell to their loved one prior to the transfer.


We coordinate our work with the funeral home that will receive your loved one in the destination city, as well as with the airline of your preference.

Funeral Transfers to California from the Rest of the United States

We know how difficult it is to lose a family member far from home, and for this reason we offer our experience and professionalism in order to transfer your loved one from any city in the United States to any city in California.


In addition, we also offer our services upon your loved one’s arrival. These include vigil services in our chapel, religious services, and the transportation of your loved one to the cemetery of your choice.

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